This is a particular integrated digital communication project for Nephila. Started in August 2014, it has been a far-reaching experience that enabled us to explore the potential of storytelling at the service of digital marketing. This has been possible also thanks to a visionary and sensitive client with whom we could share most of our objectives and strategies.


Lanificio Paoletti is a textile manufacturerwith an important heritage. The company, located in Follina, a small town in the Veneto, at the bottom of the Alps, was founded in 1795and boasts 250 years of skill, tradition and knowledge.

The woollen mill has sailed across the centuries, experiencing wars and economic crisis, without ever interrupting its activity. Today it’s guided by a lively and dynamic family, particularly keen at exploring original business-growth paths and market alternatives.

The woollen mill produces fabrics and yarns for haute couture, in close collaboration with important designers and brands. The company has always been active in the production of classics in pure wool, like Tweed, Shetland and Lambs-wool, over the years it started to treat also cotton and other natural fibres.

The enterprise, highly specialized, has a slim structure and is very active in Italy, where it has its operative seat, and abroad: in fact, it collaborates with Italian, French, English, and German brands and fashion houses, and also with China and Japan, two evolving markets in the Asian fashion industry.


It was the Creative Blend studio, which has always managed the offline and online image of the mill, that introduced us to the client, and to the idea of a digital project.

We participated in the project with our Nephila communication team: Emanuela was responsible for both the general strategy and the strategy of the whole digital marketing project, and Elena collaborated as digital strategist and content manager, helped by Laura, in the role of photographer and editor. After a first start-up phase, which proved to be lively and reactive, Annalisa arrived, our digital strategist and planner, who focused and pushed on the plan’s performances.


Social networks were set up first, starting from August 2014, just before some very important trade-shows and events, and we have been managing them directly, consistently and in collaboration with Paolo Paoletti and then Martina, who sent us photos and news from the woollen mill and from their journeys around the world.

From October 2014 Lanificio Paoletti’s social channels include a Facebook page, and a Twitter, Google+ and Instagramprofile.

Recently we have also set-up the company’s Linkedin page, which is a real showcase for the enterprise. The profile, in fact, gathers and summarizes Lanificio Paoletti’s achievements, experience, and, more in general, its activity. Whereas Facebook and Instagram are followed by a wider and more general audience, Linkedin and Twitter involve a more selected target, employed in the same commerce industry in which the mill operates.

The management of social networks follows a precise plan, realized in accordance with the client, on a three-month basis. If it’s true that all the channels respond to the blog’s decree, it’s also true that each social is updated on the basis of its individual and very precise strategy.

Lanificio Paoletti’s social channels have caught the attention of web users from the start, and today they are still recording good success. Some numbers as further proof of the fact:

  • Today the Facebook page, created on August 25, 2014, counts more than 900 likes.
  • The Instagram profile, opened on August 8, 2014, has reached 298 followers
  • The G+ page, created on August 8, 2014, has been visualized more than 24,560 times. Furthermore, the latter is able to create a notable volume of traffic to the website. Every month, in fact, the websites receives about 170 clicks
  • The Twitter profile, created in August 2014, today counts 31,387 impressions and 3,535 visits to the profile


We started producing original contents, in Italian and English, for the blog, which was created by Marco and Nicola from Blend on a Wordpress platform, and published online at the end of 2014.

We design and create the content in straight collaboration with Lanificio Paoletti, because the goal is to describe and make known the company, its story and its projects, in a clear and authentic way.

The blog is updated every two weeks and it responds to a precise scheduling plan, that we also use to define the themes to write about. We optimize the contents provided by the company and we create posts in Italian, managing also the editing and the photos. The articles that are considered more important are then translated into English.

In less than a year the blog registered 6,460 sessions from 4,489 individual users, that have browsed for about 2 minutes. The analysis of the visitors’ origin is very interesting. Besides Italy, the blog has been visited by users from the US, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, Franceand Spain.

Nephila designed a calendar that follows the editorial plan.

It’s not just about writing content, it’s about designing and planning it. In detail, it’s about deciding what, how, and when to write and publish such content. Having a strategy means that every publication (or most of it) must have a reason to exist. Each video, article, file, must be put at people’s disposal for a precise reason.

Fashion, for example, is made of seasons, and Lanificio Paoletti’s blog offers news and articles in accordance with the period and the season, to provide its audience with interesting updates throughout the year.

We spread contents in accordance with the company’s target expectations, on the different social platforms, and on the blog, with a more lively activity in the peak periods of the year when the fashion world is most active (also in terms of traffic and network activities); we plan the issues on a three-month basis, and cover new collections, the main trade-shows of the industry, following an editorial line that allows users to interpret fashion’s dynamics from Lanifico Paoletti’s special point of view, through its activities, creativity, and cultural initiatives.


A detailed web communication project must consider content optimization. Lanificio Paoletti has an outlined audience, which has populated its community, coherent with the message and ethics of the enterprise. In the web there still are many users in search for realities like Lanificio Paoletti, and a correct SEO plan definitely helps researchers.

The blog’s SEO aspects are managed at each publication, focusing on the text optimization and on the choice of the keywords, which depend on the main topic of the post.

In the sphere of a wider digital project, not yet completed, we elaborated a more structured strategy, starting from the analysis of the competitors, and followed by a keyword analysis. The client has then addressed the SEO plan identifying the most significant terms for its market segment and for its positioning objectives.

Finally we have planned and are realizing a series of activities to support Lanificio Paoletti’s internal collaborators, for example we have realized a SEO optimization course that will facilitate the company’s professional growth path and help its autonomy at the progressive conclusion of the different steps of the project.


This is another ever developing project, able to evolve over time. We collaborated with different people, as part of a diagonal work group that involved the client, its collaborators, two agencies, and multilingual staff. We went along with the client’s predisposition at developing independently budding initiatives, proposing ideas and pointing out possibilities. And we will continue to do so. We are sure that Lanifico Paoletti will continue to look for creative directions and develop its potentials!