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Schweizer Kredit AG

Schweizer Kredit AG is a credit institution based in Zurich. The Swiss company, founded in 2015, aims at two targets. In fact, on the one hand it looks at those in need of a small amount of money for small purchases, like a car. On the other hand, it also looks at investors willing to become members, actively participating investing important capitals.

WHAT IT IS is the institutional website of the Swiss company. Currently the website is only available in German, but many are the clients from other countries that turn to the institute. Therefore, in order to satisfy their needs, more languages will be added to the website. The website’s sections are five: “Kreditrechner”, “Über uns”, “Produkte”, “Kontakt” and “E-service”.


Kreditrechner” is dedicated to those who wish to apply for a loan and learn more on the entity of the obligations. In this section visitors have at their disposal a tool that allows them to calculate the equated monthly installment. The calculation is based on two elements, the whole amount of the loan and the period of time within which the loan must be repaid, including interests. The currency of reference is the Swiss franc.


“Über uns” gathers all the information on the identity of Schweizer Kredit AG and is made of three pages: "Signature" "Management" and "Investoren".

Signature” is aimed at two different targets, privates that wish to apply for a loan and subjects wanting to make investments. In addition to presenting an overview of the company, from this page it is possible to download brochures on the offered services.

Visiting the “Management” page, instead, potential clients can obtain further information on the professionalsleading the credit institution. Each member of the group has a dedicated description, with their biography and professional profile.

The “Investoren” page is addressed to companies and privates that wish to become part of the Schweizer Kredit AG’s network as active members and contribute to the growth of the Swiss firm investing their capitals. Here, stakeholders can learn more on the profit-making possibilities estimated or contact the institute.


The product section gathers all the packages offered by the Swiss firm and has two voices, “Bank credit” and “Insurance”.

“Barkredit” is addressed to those who need small amounts of cash and provides users with information on the loans issued by the institute. From this page, users can download informative brochures on the service.

“Versicherungen” is reserved to insurance services, realized in collaboration with Helvetia Assicurazioni, like, for example, life insurance. In addition to general information, from this page it is possible to download documents on the insurance’s general conditions and on the expected rate.


It is not necessary for clients to go to the offices of the Institute to submit a loan application, at least in a first moment. In fact, the Schweizer Kredit website has a dedicated section, “Kreditantrag”, with a form to fill-in. Once entered personal data, data relative to the economic position, and attached the required documents, users will only need to click the button “Antrag Druken” and the Schweiser Kredit AG staff will open the practice.


In this section, users can contact the firm by filling in the required form. Browsing the page, users will find telephone number, mail contacts and address of the credit institution.


This section is reserved to the Schweizer Kredit AG clients and offers them a series of dedicated services. To access the online services it is necessary to register and enter user name and password.


Nephila was entrusted with the task of making the website from scratch and dealt with both the web development and online communication aspects. Our departments worked on the structural and graphic parts and followed also the aspects relative to the website’s optimization.


Our team created the website’s graphic layout. We implemented the responsivenessof the website from the first draft. For the client it was essential that the loan application could be made from every device. Equally important was to guarantee users the access to the online services also through smartphones.

The graphic structure is based on a very simple colour palette, as indicated by the client. In the web pages three shades are used: the company’s blue, white and dark grey, for the written body. In the graphic draft proposed white is the protagonist. This colour defines spaces, infusing a sense of tranquillity to the client, thus it’s easier to stay longer on a page and focus on the contents. The company’s blue, instead, which is quite dark, is able to convey a sense of security and reliability and has been used in the website’s focal points, these are buttons and calls to action, and also in the menu and in the footer. The pattern that forms the logo, an intersection of two pentagons of different tones, was also used in the sub-pages.


Nephila’s team took care of the website optimization. The first step was the analysis of competitors and keywords in German. Being a competitive environment, it was decided to immediately integrate the strategy using both generic keywords and branding.

The understanding of the communicative strategy used by the competitor companies was the starting point for the analysis of the traffic of the respective websites, and we focused in particular on the geographic origin of the users. Eventually, we deepened the linguistic aspect, focusing on which and how many languages are used by these realities for the optimization of their webpages and PPC campaigns. It was interesting to observe that in most cases the second language used for SEO and for advertisements is Italian.

On the basis of the collected data, we then wrote half of the tags. The client had an important role in this phase, offering our team guidance on the contents.

In addition to meta tags, we provided the client with a complete SEO report of the website where we have outlined the critical points that compromise the quality of the pages for Google. Optimization is currently in progress. For future developments, we will take care of monitoring the web traffic and creating PPC campaigns in German.