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Blogging with django CMS: djangocms blog

We love django CMS new frontend editor but we couldn't find an upgrade path for the existing django CMS blogging applications, so, inspired by Divio's aldryn-blog, we decided to write our own blogging tool.

Djangocms-blog is a complete blog application: it supports full tags and categories, and sports a solid multilingual implementation. To employ django-taggit, a homebrewed category and Disqus as comment hosting platform, was a no-brainer.

What to employ for the multilingual implementation has been a harder decision: either pick django-hvad or django-parler? The first is a great tool, but it's invasive and it sets many restrictions. The second one, instead, is a nice implementation with nearly the same API as django-hvad with a lot less magic and thus a lot less restrictions. By adopting this solution we were able to provide a seamless access to multilingual content in the admin and in the frontend editor, and, more importantly, a fully translatable post with language fallback option.

We have to clean up the code and add tests and documentation to make it usable, but it will soon join the group of djangocms applications by Nephila. We are eager to know your opinion!