Solid digital solutions with open source technologies

We are a company specialized in the development of solid digital solutions with open source technologies and agile methods. We are conscious that the platforms we build have an impact on the society and on how people see things and interact with the world. A responsibility that we feel on our skin and that guides us in the choice of projects.

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Distilling Good Software

Since 2001 we work with this spirit from the beautiful Florence, dedicating our energies to give shape to the web. We create digital ecosystems, web platforms and we work on the hidden and visible parts of software to build solid and stable infrastructure which you can rely on to build your online presence or to give your idea a digital look.

We are dedicated backend developers who spend their days distilling good software and features, creating REST API and aligning systems and databases, but there’s more. We support the whole backend universe with frontend development, UI and UX Design, SEO and Content Strategy to develop web applications, digital ecosystems, complete online shops.

We like challenges and complexity doesn’t scare us. Facing them, let us meet the most sophisticated needs and give life to projects that are outside the common schemes. This is what differentiate us from others. We owe it to our robust technological stack built on Python, Django and Django CMS and the valuable experience that we have gained in almost twenty years of work on the digital frontier.

nephila agile method

Agile developers for valuable deliveries

We develop software and make digital ideas real with agile methodology and SCRUM framework. With markers and post-it in hand we deal with plannings, sprints and retrospectives that set the pace of our work.

It’s a methodology that we felt immediately ours, because with SCRUM we have improved our development process simplifying the activities, reducing waste with the aim of delivering value before a digital solution.

Because we focus on what is really important for you, so that you don’t have to wait the end of the work to start using and experimenting with your digital project.

Because you can have a product that can be introduced in the market sooner than you think, choosing the timing, the truly core features, and improving it gradually.

Because we are reactive. It doesn’t mean we are in a hurry but that we deliver on time and constantly.

Because you can validate requirements over time, and you can steer the project according to the experience you have built, and the feedback you got on what we have released to you.

Because you can count on a dedicated team which is ready to improve and build upon the existing foundations.

Because you won’t have an endless testing phase after months of work, but you can validate the released increments at every sprint during the development cycle.

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Open source, why?

We believe that open source is the right way to produce and use software.
We are the first to rely on free technologies - among the most supported, widespread and solid - and the first to return the favour to the technological community by actively contributing to the development of the technologies that we use: Django and django CMS, among the first.

We believe in this and we put this to the test every day: our management tools - Taiga and Ring - are based on Django. Is something broken? We jump in and fix it!

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Thank you community!

We owe a lot to the community.
Thanks for the open source technologies that we use every day.
Thanks for the valuable contributions that help us to have a broader view and to write better code.
Thanks for the community events!

We actively take part in meetups, conferences and technological events and we organize them too! We don’t miss an edition of PyCon Italy, nor a meetup of Python Firenze. The 2017 DjangoCon Europe conference? It’s our work!

Nephila's team

Diversity makes us unique

What makes us unique are our diversities. We value them together with our specific talents, because they are what allow us to make the difference in every project, and to win new technological challenges.

More and more women are part of our team and we are proud of that. They are technicians, project managers, copywriters and conference speakers. They are first in line to support the community and initiatives in support of gender diversity in the digital word of Fuzzy Brains association.