Every business is different. For this reason each client needs a tailor-made project. Do you need to restyle your website, open new social media channels, or are you looking for someone to manage them for you? We are at your disposal! Together we define the best offer for you: we can offer package solutions or design an ad hoc project to meet your needs.


In addition to managing its offline image, nowadays every company needs to focus on how to present itself on the web. At Nephila we create projects in collaboration with our clients: not only do we define the typology of product that best suits your business, we also plan together every detail, from structure to graphics. We are quite fond of synergies and our working method foresees the creation of integrated teams, composed by the members of our and our client’s teams, who collaborate to produce a quality product. To define a project as complete, there must be a coaching activity. The training service foresees sessions during which we will describe the functioning of all the necessary tools to the client, allowing him to work on his own.



Each site created by Nephila is a unique project, with specific goals and based on a targeted strategy. We study your business in depth and find together the most appropriate solution for your firm. We cover all aspects, from wireframes to graphic layout, from desktop design to its responsiveness. We can redesign your website or create a new one from scratch. If you want to learn more on our working method browse inside the project section.


E-commerce works like real stores, with the particularity that purchases are made through the web. An application of this sort contains a large number of data, and to manage it, requires a carefully planned user interface. Furthermore, both the e-commerce categories and the integration of different payment methods must be user friendly. Contact us to create the e-commerce website that best suits your needs.  

User Experience

User experience is one of the fundamental pillars of web development. Facilitating users’ navigation is the first objective that must be achieved to make sure visitors will return to your website. Together we create the wireframe, the informative architecture necessary to organize all the information inside your website and web applications. We define the browsing routes and the graphic structure of your pages in such a way to lead your users towards the informative contents and the calls to action.

Web apps

A multiplatform project allows you to reach your target through every kind of device. We use the latest technologies to create intuitive and functional mobile and desktop applications. Concerning mobiles, so far we have created apps for Androids, but we can't wait to approach iOS! We can also plan applications that interact with the main social networks, like, for example, e-shop for Facebook. 

Web marketing

Reputation is everything for a company. The new generations of digital consumers, who before making an online purchase search the web for information, have made the management of your company’s online reputation a priority. We can help you build your online image respecting the company’s identity. We follow our clients through every step and offer assistance in setting up your advertising campaigns and social channels, and also with your newsletter planning. Furthermore, Nephila’s communication team creates content on commission and manages CMS editing and all the optimization aspects of your website. In addition to the services here listed, we also offer a personalized tutoring service, based on the client’s competences.


A website results attractive when there is a symbiotic relationship between text and images and an on-going flow between words and multimedia contents. We utilize textual contents to increase the value of your website and allow you to speak a universal language, immediately putting visitors at ease. If you are taking your first steps with CMS, we can update your web pages, organizing your website’s layout in the best possible way. We also offer a tutoring service to introduce you to the platform’s functioning, plugin after plugin.

PPC / Display Advertising

Often, Google ads are seen by users as elements of disturb rather than opportunities. Defining effective campaigns is possible but it requires advanced web marketing skills. We offer our expertise to establish the most appropriate strategy for your business type. If you have already ventured into the world of Google Adwords, we can offer you assistance to increase the effectiveness of your ads.   


If in the past optimization was an option, nowadays it’s one of the key elements to be considered. Metadata is made of small texts that speak both to clients and search engines and is able to communicate, using only a few characters, the content of an entire page. We take care of the all the SEO aspects, from strategy, keyword selection, and definition of meta tags to website monitoring. All you need to have in mind are clear targets and objectives.


Newsletters may look like simple tools used to update clients by email and address loyal customers. But actually, there's much more behind these simple written messages. Together with our clients we create a communication strategy and establish a plan, deciding the newsletter’s content and frequency. The eye wants its share: our team will take care of the graphic layout, making every aspect of your email captivating for your audience.

Social Media

Each social network is a world of its own, with its dynamics and different specific audiences. We select the social channels that best suit your business and guide you in setting up different accounts. We manage the different profiles, creating ad-hoc textual and multimedia content able to attract and engage your target audience. We go beyond content: Nephila’s team also handles the site’s results and offers a traffic analysis service for each social network with the frequency you choose. 

Web Analytics

Making yourself visible on the web through a website and social channels is only the first step. The next step, result analysis, is more complex and essential to help you understand if you are on the right path. The tools offered by Google provide you with a lot of information, but sometimes data reading and user profiling can be quite complicated. Contact us to get a full and clear analysis of your website’s traffic.