De Agostini Scuola

De Agostini Scuola

We partnered with De Agostini Scuola to help them create their digital ecosystem

A long-established publishing house with a special dream, or rather a digital dream: to create an online ecosystem which brings the whole De Agostini Scuola universe together in a single, uniform structure.

To accomplish this, they chose us – something we are incredibly proud of. Together, we embarked on a path that culminated in the creation of It is not only a website, but a cluster of sites and platforms to facilitate access to content for users in an innovative way.

Along the way, we faced many challenges and were committed to overcoming them. For example, the development of a personalised navigation system based on different target audiences, the creation of navigation menus based on the editorial catalogue, and constant synchronisation with external services to ensure smooth user navigation. This large ecosystem is underpinned by Django and django CMS.

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