Django Village Nephila

Django Village, a very special conference

We think it is easy for all of you to guess what kind of event is Django Village, as you can tell by its name: we are talking about the first Python language conference organized by the Italian Django community, which will be held from the 13th to15th of June, 2014. To host this important event the organizers chose a stunning setting, known both for its beauty and its historical importance, the medieval town of Orvieto, located in Umbria.

What will happen in Django Village conference? The newborn event joins with the existing Italian technical conferences about open-source software and web programming. This three-day conference aim is to be an important experience of knowledge sharing and to give its contribute to the community, so the program of the event is designed to maintain an international approach to interesting current themes. For three days djangonauts will browse through sprints, talks and workshop.

Django Village conference is not only an occasion to share technical experiences and knowledge, but also an opportunity to mix with Italian traditions and folk culture. The conference, in fact, will take place during Orvieto Medieval Feast and the organizer programmed something specially for you and your family's entertainment. We will post the program of the Medieval activities we packed for you soon.

Did this description intrigue you? Do you feel like to participate actively in Django Village? Early bird and call for papers registrations will be open soon. Follow the event by registering to Django Village newsletter