2015 IT conferences: where to find us

In IT environment a technical conference plays a fundamental role as it gives an opportunity for different technical communities to meet, exchange and share knowledge, professional achievements and get in touch with other technological realities. Often during these meetings, which last two or three days, ideas for new projects take shape.

We are part of Django and Python community. We are in harmony with these communities's philosophy and we contribute to them in two ways, both with code development and by taking part to European conferences. Conferences are a great opportunity to meet companies with a similar professional profile, to create new collaborations and to exchange points of view with the others. Once again, we decided to invest great energies and resources on UK scene. Below you can find our agenda for 2015.

TheDjango Sprint London is to be held on 21st and 22nd March, 2015 and also is the first event which we will be taking part. The sprint will witness the gathering of Django and Python lovers right from the beginners to experts.

It should be noted that Django Sprint London is not a technological conference, it's a “sprint”. What's the difference? Both the occasions are loved by developers but they differ or two fundamental reasons: the duration and the structure. The Sprint event runs for short duration (e.g. a few hours) and the goal is the production of patch. Usually these events are designed to discuss and solve problems common to many community members.

Along with Django Sprint London, another event will take place: Django Girls. Wow, something designed for women? What is it? It's a workshop addressed to all those women who love technology and programming languages and eager to learn more. Unlike the sprint attendees, Django Girls participants are not required to possess specific knowledge. The workshop's goal, in fact, is to get beginners in touch with Django an IT world in general. Nephila always believed in a democratic IT universe and this is why we decided to sponsor this event too. Both Django Sprint London and Django Girls events will be held inPotato's London headquarters.

Another key event is scheduled for summer threshold:DjangoCon EU. The yearly European event, which Django lovers can't afford to miss, will take place on the 31st of May 2015. This year the national conference will be held in Cardiff. For us it's a familiar place as we made our debut in the English IT scene! DjangoCon is an important appointment and this is why we decided to participate as Gold Sponsor.

Our goal is to contribute to technological innovation in Italy as well. Djangovillage 2014 conference, which we contributed to organize,  was a succes for several reasons. First and foremost, the conference was organized at the national level which contributed to Django platform diffusion in Italy. It's commonly known that in Italy this technology is not as popular as abroad, even though there are many companies which adopted it.

Djangovillage was able to stand out in the crowd and to catch the attention of PyCon Italia organizers.

What's the result? We only anticipate that Djangovillage is a track of PyCon Seiconference, which will be held in Florence from the 17th to the 19th of April. Guess who's going to be there?