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Agenda 2016: here are our appointments!

Nephila has always supported events related to open source technologies. Both conferences dedicated to Python and Django turned out to be very useful for staying in contact with the users of such tools and to establish new relationships with important figures in the national and international ICT panorama. Satisfied with the achieved results, we have decided to increase our commitment in this sense, intensifying our presence on both national and international fronts.

Our first appointment in 2016 isDjangoCon EU, European conference dedicated to the Django framework, which will take place in Budapest from the 30th of March to the 2nd of April. The conference has a central role for the international community, in fact through the years it has always been hosted in particular locations, such as a stadium, a circus tent, a town hall. The organizers of the 2016 edition wanted to do no less: this year DjangoCon Eu will be held inside the Music Centre, elegant concert hall in the center of the capital, which has always been an amazing scenic set for important jazz concerts. Like in any self-respecting conference dedicated to open source technologies, the first three days will be dedicated exclusively to talks, whilst on the 2nd and 3rd of April, space will be given to sprint and clinic sessions. DjangoCon EU was initiated as an inclusive conference thus the program includes talks for users of different levels. Furthermore, to encourage developers that are new on the scene to continue in this field, the commission has selected as speakers both developers that are just getting to know the platform and figures that are better known in the community. The 2016 edition can be proud of an important record regarding gender equality, in fact the edition will host the highest percentage of female speakers reached so far (48% of the total).

Nephila met DjangoCon EU in 2012. Many are the transformations that our company has undergone since then but we can affirm with certainty that this conference has contributed to our growth, which gives us another reason to continue supporting the initiative. Nephila is the sponsor of the 2016 edition’s party, and you are all invited to join the jazz theme party!

Not only open source technologies: Nephila's team strengthens its skills and keeps up to date participating in conferences related to web marketing. “Advanced SEO tool” will take place at the Zanhotel Europa in Bologna on the 8th of April, initiative aimed at exploring in detail the SEO tools innovations. It will be Annalisa, our digital strategist and planner, who will coordinate Nephila's marketing and communication department, to participate in the event. During the 4th edition of the conference two very interesting topics will be examined: how to carry out a market analysis through the queries, and how to manage structured data and HTML5 tags, topics discussed respectively by Enrico Altavilla and Andrea Zambon.

Nephila has intensified its presence on the international front but does not forget its commitment to supporting Italian events. Also this year we will participate in PyCon Sette, the most important Italian conference dedicated to Python programming language. The three-day event will take place from the 15th to the 17th of April and will be held, once more, at the Grand Hotel Mediterraneo in Florence.

In 2015 the PyCon Italia conference completely reinvented itself. The Italian technologic panorama is made of an underworld of fresh events of small dimension. After an interview with the referents of the different sub-communities, the organizers of PyCon Italia decided to welcome them, adopting a structure with more tracks. This change has had a dual consequence: first it allowed the event to respond to the needs of different audiences and secondly it has given considerable visibility to the Italian communities. Considered the success obtained from this solution, the 2016 edition wants to continue the path already taken. This year the conference will be divised along three lines. In particular, the conference will cover the themes dedictaed to PyData, Django Village and Odoo communities. PyCon Sette will also host the event Django Girls Florence, that will take place on Sunday 17th of April.

The DjangoGirls chapter is one of our last endeavors, of which we are particularly proud. Django Girls Florence is part of the international Django Girls circuit, international organization that aims at drawing women closer to the programming world through beginners hand on laboratories that do not require former knowledge and are comprehensible to all. Nephila has already committed to the realization of Django Girls Rome, first Django Girls workshop in Italy, which took place on the 12th of December 2015 at LUISS EnLabs, startup located inside Roma Termini train station. After this launch event, which was able to attract the attention of more than 90 women from different backgrounds, we decided to create a second edition. The objective is the same as the one we had in Rome: a workshop to teach the ABCs of web development targeted to women who love technology. The only requirements to participate in the initiative are having a laptop and understanding Italian. 12 coaches will accompany the participants in this adventure, and will follow the "girls" step by step in the creation of a blog application. To register for the event just click on the following link and fill in the form. Hurry up, there are only 48 places left!

For the moment, these are the events to which we will take part before the summer break, but there will be many more. Continue following our blog to learn more about our company and the initiatives to which we will take part during the year!