PyCon sei

April 2015, Pycon Sei is coming

We'll attended PyCon Sei event in a week! This is Italy’s most important conference about Python, the famous programming language for agile development. The event, which will take place on17th April, 2015 over a three day period, aims at attracting some of Europe’s most talented developers to Italy in order to explore the many possibilities of this fascinating language. The event is rightfully held in Florence, the historical seat of Europe’s cultural and intellectual Renaissance, and hopes do the same for programmers, investors, and aficionados alike.

As this Tuscan city is now blossoming interest in all things Django and Python-related, it is now home to several internationally recognised conferences, which have taken place over the past few years. The world-acclaimed EuroPythonevent had selected Florencein 2011 and the last two years as its base of operations.

Following the traditions of most open-source conferences, the Italian PyCon event promises to deliver more of the same; create a bridge of interaction between experienced, seasoned members of the Django community with enthusiastic programming neophytes, and help them to develop their talents in a variety of insightful, educational ways. The importance of such events cannot be understated - they are instrumental in the development of a global community dedicated to securing the future of Django and Python.

However, things changed a bit for the2015 PyCon conference. Whereas previous ones focused on a single-track structure, this year’s attraction is divided into three. Within each of them, PyCon attendees have the option to focus on three differenttechnological subcommunitiesbased on Italian perspectives.

We are very excited to learn that DjangoVillagejust happens to beone of these tracks! As we have put a lot of work and effort into the coordination of its first manifestation, we’re proud to see it finally take off! What we’ve produced is definitely turning heads in the Django community, and we’ve witnessed exponential growth since its inception around June 2014.

We believe that the Nephila Pycon Sei event is one we can’t pass up for two obvious reasons. First and foremost, we are active members of the Django community and we can certainly say that one of our passions is supporting the technical aspects of our conferences. Ever since 2012, we’ve enjoyed this beautiful language that forms the basis for all of our projects, and without constantly participating and engaging the global Django and Python collectives, we could not fully make the claim of being a part of its rich and ongoing history.

Secondly, our involvement in the development of code, algorithms, and other technical facets of Django help us to constantly evolve the IT industry as it stands, bringing about revolutionary changes for all of its users. Besides, why learn a language if it doesn’t help to bring the world closer together? Thanks for reading and as always, stay tuned!