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Autumn 2016 | Our agenda

September marks the opening of a new cycle of conferences on open source technologies and, more in general, on the ICT world. Our agenda is, as always, very busy. We have decided to distinguish between events where we’ll participate as sponsor and speakers from the initiatives we are organising because we have many important announcements to make and we want to dedicate the right time to each one of them. Here are the meetings we’ll be attending.

To take part in the first event, we’ll be flying abroad, beyond the Channel. We’re talking about PyCon UK, the British national conference dedicated to Python. The 2016 edition takes place from the 15th to the 19th of September at theCardiff City Hall, an elegant art nouveau building that houses the offices of the public administration. We feel particularly close to the English community, and it’s for this reason that we have decided to participate for the third year in a row. In addition to the professional exchange, we are interested in the interpersonal exchange: over the years we have developed a strong relationship with some figures of the British ICT world. The same thing is true for the organizers, with whom we immediately felt in tune. We could say we like PyCon UK because it makes us feel “at home”.

Iacopo Spalletti will participate, also this year, with a talk. His speech will focus on django CMS and is entitled "django CMS in the real time web: how to mix CMS, websockets, REST for a fully real time experience".

From the 3rd to the 6th of November we’ll be in Amsterdam at Django Under the Hood, conference dedicated the this framework. The Dutch event will be held at the Pakhuis de Zwijger, a spectacular congress center overlooking the capital’s harbour. This initiative differs from the English event for two reasons. First for the different themes treated: Unlike PyCon UK, which puts under magnifying glass an entire language, Django Under The Hood focuses just on one platform. Secondly, for the target. In fact, PyCon Uk is addressed to beginners at their first steps in the world of web development, while the Dutch Conference is aimed at those who already have experience in the field. During the Conference, participants "disassemble" Django to observe closely what is "under the hood", in other words, to study the engine of this open source technology and its related applications. We strongly believe in this conference, this year at its third edition, and we are happy we’ve been a part of it right from the start. This is why this year we’ll support the event through a sponsorship. For 2016, we decided to join the conference as a silver sponsor.

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, in September we’ll also be attending events in Italy. The 15th and 16th of September we’ll be in Bologna at From the front, conference that aims at involving professionals that work on front end aspects, from web developers to interface designers. The event will be, as usual, hosted at the teatro Duse, one of the oldest theatres in Bologna. Until now, each edition focused on a particular theme. But in 2016 the conference changes structure. It’s the title of this year’s edition to suggest the variety of themes approached, "The frontend guide to life, universe and everything".Among the distinguished guests attending: Leonie Watson, co-chair of W3C and Jeremy Keith, founder of Clearleft's and author of several volumes on HTML5 and Javascript. Nephila met From the Front in 2015, when some members of our team took part in the event as beneficiaries. Well, that single event was enough to make us fall in love with it. For this reason we decided to go further and support the event with a sponsorship.

We also confirm our support to the PGDay, Italian one-day long conference dedicated to PostgreSQL. Also this year, we’ll be sponsors of the initiative. As usual, the event will be held in Prato.

Keep following us to be updated on the upcoming meetings!