Nephila and Divio partnership

Divio and Nephila, our partnership is official!

After years of close collaboration, Nephila and Divio have officially become technological partners. We have always felt similar to the Swiss company, both from the point of view of the working method and also for what concerns the technologies used, and it is for this reason that we have decided to establish a long-lasting partnership with this company.

Divio is a web company that shares with us a similar professional profile and history. Co-founded by Christian Bertschy in 2001 in Zurich, today it counts offices in four countries (Switzerland, United States, UK and Ukraine) and more than thirty employees. Its strength is represented by an integrated team that allows to cover all the planning aspects, from backend to UX, from marketing to management. We feel close to Divio because, like us, it realizes web based applications through open source technologies. To do so, it uses the same tools: in fact, in 2006, like us, the Swiss company embraced Python and Django and these technologies now represent the basis of the majority of its projects. Divio is an active member of the international ICT community and besides using the above mentioned tools, it contributes to their development through patch writing.

The enterprize has also realized django CMS, a free open source platform written in Python and based on the Django framework. This is a software oriented towards the management of dynamic web contents. Characterized by great flexibility, it is able to fit perfectly into the Django projects and to integrate itself with the range of applications that are part of it. Django CMS allows to administrate a considerable amount of information in a fast and effective manner. Furthermore, in addition to controlling a great number of data, the software is able to provide the applications with which it interacts with all the CMS functions.

The platform is much appreciated by the companies that need scalable applications and websites, which means that these can be integrated according to their needs. This is underlined by the number of downloads per month, which exceeds the amount of 70000. The value of django CMS has been recognized also by the users of the CMS critics website, who, in the sphere of the contest Peoples choice award 2015, elected it as the best CMS open-source.

The first version of django CMS was released by Divio in 2007. The technical board is committed to building an ever more advanced and flexible product and it does so collecting and processing the suggestions coming from the community. The latest release, to which Iacopo greatly contributed, is the 3.3 which has been developed with the objective of supporting content editors and allowing them to update their contents also through mobile devices. In order to help beginner users of django CMS, in 2016 a new long term support was introduced, which foresees a constant collaboration with users in order to enable them to learn the basics to proficiently use the software.

Nephila met Divio in 2013, during the DjangoCon Europe conference held in Warsaw. In that occasion Iacopo met Christian Bertschy and during their meeting he was invited to actively collaborate to the development of django CMS. Short after the conclusion of the European conference, Iacopo’s entrance in the project was made official by Divio. Many things have happened since then, our collaboration has become closer and today Iacopo is member of the technical board, this is the group that establishes modalities and timing according to which the platform is meant to grow.

An additional step in the direction of the current partnership has been recently made with the launch of a partnership program by Divio. This is a project that involves Divio’s clients and partners and that aims at accelerating the development of the member companies. It has been a while since Divio has started its metamorphosis into a digital product company. The Swiss company has strongly contributed to the creation of the Aldryn platform, cloudin service for the management of django CMS projects. Aldryn features different elements, like a control panel, a desktop application and a command line. In addition to the CMS django environment, the Aldryn package also includes hosting, cloud and deployment services.

Nephila, as Divio’s technological partner and member of the partnership program, offers its clients different services, such as training sessions on the functioning of django CMS and on the migration of django CMS and Django projects on the Aldryn platform. Nephila is delighted to start a partnership with one of the most innovative companies in the Swiss territory.