Django weekend Nephila

Nephila at Django Weekend

Why did we choose to participate DjangoWeekend conference? There are many reasons: first and foremost we love to support the community. We truly believe in Django and Python conferences and we are addicted to them. We chose to be sponsors and introduce ourselves in Cardiff! The second reason is that we want to get to know tech people, to develop our network of contacts as we're expanding out of our country. The UK is our first stop. Iacopo and Emanuela, lead developer and marketing management woman of Nephila, will be speakers at the conference. We are also supporting django CMS, an application for Django which is our main working tool.

We will introduce ourselves: We are active members of the FLOSS community and enthusiastic djangonauts. We founded Nephila, an open source based software company, in 2001. Nephila's headquarter is located in Florence, Italy. We firmly believe that technology is capable to solve various kinds of problems and to create new opportunities. Throughout the years we have accomplished a wide range of applications, from e-commerce websites to titling for theatre performances.

As this industry is immense, we chose to focus particularly on certain branches. e.g. CMS. We love to develop manifold CMS projects for publishing companies and for all those organizations which base their Internet strategy on data and web content management. At Nephila we mainly work with Python, Django and django CMS. Additionally, we back django CMS as core developers, and are involved in it's diffusion.

We will soon spread our roots in London and our hope is to create a new international network to share our give-and-take approach to Internet solutions.

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