DjangoCon Europe 2017

DjangoCon Europe is coming to town!

Developers, don’t take any commitment for April 2017: DjangoCon Europe is coming! Florence has long been a centre of conferences dedicated to open source technologies, like EuroPython and PyCon Italia and has left pleasant memories to their attendants. Next year the Tuscan capital city will become once more the meeting point for the international technological community. In fact, Florence has been chosen by the Django Software Foundation to host the ninth edition of DjangoCon Europe, the main European conference dedicated to the network with the same name, which every years gathers more than 300 figures from the sector from all over Europe.


The event will be held from the 3rd to 7th of Aprilin Florence. The first three days will be entirely dedicated to talks hosted at the Odeon Cinema, the most ancient cinema in the city, in the heart of the historical centre, only a few steps away from Santa Maria Novella train station. The elegant structure in liberty style has seen celebrities like Kennet Branagh, Roberto Benigni and now is getting ready for the arrival of celebrities of a completely different type, but still undoubtedly interesting.


The call for volunteers has moved great interest in the whole international Django community. In fact, not just major European figures have answered our call, but also personalities coming from India, Israel and US. It is a numerous and definitely varied group that with its contribution will be able to create an unrepeatable event. It’ll be great fun!


Becoming a speaker at DjangoCon Europe means sharing your projects in an easy and simple way with the entire community. It is true that the audience present at the Odeon cinema will be composed more or less of three hundred people, but those who will attend the talks will be even more. To make you understand the importance of the event, just think there will be a live streaming service that will allow developers to follow the conference also remotely. Participating as a speaker is also one of the best ways to lay the bases for new projects: it’s not rare to meet developers on our same wavelength among the participants. If you wish to apply but still haven’t chosen the topic of the talk, don’t despair, you still have some time. The deadline to submit the proposals, in fact, is the 31st of December 2016, but it will quite probably be postponed. To submit your proposals just fill in the specific form on the website. DjangoCon Europe wants to favour the diversity among speakers, thus it encourages all the female developers who wish to intervene to submit their talks.


The goal of DjangoCon Europe is to include the most varied type of audience possible, with a soft spot for the disadvantaged groups. The current fee, called Early Bird, was created to meet the needs of those who wish to participate in the conference but have a low budget. There are different categories of tickets, addressed to different targets. First of all there are the regular tickets, created for those who want to participate in the conference privately, and corporate tickets, which can be purchased by companies for their collaborators. Those who wish to financially help the organizers can purchase the supporter ticket, which includes a donation, the amount of which is decided by the purchaser. All the donations will be used for the Financial Assistance service.


DjangoCon Europe offers assistance to disadvantaged categories through an economic support plan. Also this year, those who need a contribution for dealing with the costs of the conference, whether relative the trip or the stay in the city, can request it by filling in the specific form on the website. We suggest to submit a complete request, with more details possible, to help the staff arrange the best solution possible. Don’t worry if you won’t be contacted immediately: the policy adopted by the organizer group is to collect all the requests and answer only after having outlined a general framework of the situation. All the details relative the type of support and the ways and times of its issuing can be found in the Financial Assistance page.

We met DjangoCon Europe in 2012 and we immediately fell in love with it. It must have been the particular location where the event was organized, the friendly atmosphere and the feeling of being part of a really united group, the fact is that since then we haven’t missed one European event. We feel honoured and excited that we can give our contribution to the organization of this edition. We will soon let you know more, stay tuned!