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We have often talked about django CMS, open source platform for the management of dynamic web contents. Our relationship with this technology is deeply rooted and has had a crucial role in the growth of our company. An important evolution in this sense took place in 2013, when Iacopo became officially part of the team of developers that collaborate at the improvement of this software. In fact, since then, we have been committed to the growth of django CMS on two fronts: web development and promotion.

The application is experiencing great popularity also in Italy. At the same time, the national community linked to this technology is growing and becoming increasingly important. Speaking with other users of the platform, it emerged that the community suffered from the lack of an event dedicated to this platform. Further confirmations in this sense were collected during the PyCon Sette event, when we launched the idea of creating a national meeting focused only on django CMS. In fact, in such occasion we collected a large number of consents.

Moving from these premises, we have decided to work on the front line for the organization of this initiative. The result of our efforts is the django CMS day conference, taking place on the 1st of October 2016 at the FabLab space in Florence, located in via Panciatichi 14.

This is an initiative dedicated to the promotion and the detailed study of the best practices for django CMS. In addition to the in-depth analysis of the best practices for the development of projects and applications, the event foresees a focus on the platform’s core development. In fact, among the initiative’s objectives there’s also the one of carrying out a “brainstorming” activity, which means to plan with the other members the new features, useful for the entire Italian community.

The meeting is concentrated in one day, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and includes talks, workshops and round tables. In particular, the event is so organized:

  • morning: the first hours of the day will be dedicated exclusively to talks. Specifically, the event foresees four 40 minute long speeches. If you are interested in participating as a speaker you can sign up to the Call for paper filling in the form.

  • afternoon: time for workshops and round tables. During the afternoon it’ll be possible to discuss new ideas and dissolve all the doubts emerged during the talks.

Naturally, there will be a coffee and lunch break!

django CMS day is addressed mainly to an audience made of Italian developers, who are familiar with this platform and already use it for their projects. But, since the event has a highly inclusive nature, the organizers have also thought of those who are fascinated by this software and wish to introduce it in their company.

django CMS day has been organized in collaboration with FabLab, with which we have endorsed a strong collaboration. A special thank you goes to our sponsors, in fact, without their help, we would have not been able to put together this amazing day.

Where can I find the full program? Don’t worry, we’ll reveal all the details step by step. In the meanwhile, stay tuned on our social channels, where we’ll announce all the updates on django CMS day. For further information and to purchase the tickets, visit our website