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Lean Coffee

In April 2015 Nephila decided to start an Agile transition in order to strengthen its growth. Adopting an Agile methodology means heading towards a considerable cultural and organizational change, which is challenging and audacious, but undoubtedly able to offer a completely new perspective. This cultural change is based on people rather than on the implementation of the mere productive or project management aspects.

A self-respecting transition of this type can never be considered finished: once it’s started, to be effective it must potentially continue forever in the direction of an on-going improvement, and cover all the innumerable issues of a business reality. Committing to a culture that can be defined “agile” has been a natural step for a client-oriented company like Nephila. Starting fromthe principles of the Agile Manifesto, in which our company has totally recognized itself since its foundation, we strive to produce and deliver state of the art products and services.

Today at Nephila, it’d be difficult to work in a different way: we can only imagine a better method, to be strengthened day after day through the continuous and constant relationships with our clients, and through the delivery of extraordinary software, thanks to the contribution of our development team. Scrum, Kanban, two big black boards, sprints, retrospectives, brainstorming sessions, lots of post-its and markers, these are our weapons, while our clients’ satisfaction is always our biggest achievement.

Nephila has recently come physically in contact with some Agile philosophy lovers. In fact, some of our team members took part in the first Lean Coffee ever, held in Florence on the 17th of February at Impact HUB, a space designed for co-working. The event turned out to be extremely involving and stimulating, thus we decided to get involved even more and to become organizers ourselves of the initiative. However, we want to point out that we don’t intend revolutionizing the initiative, instead, we aim at maintaining the formula that makes Lean Coffee meet-ups loved throughout the world. Important partner in this sense is Agile Lean Tuscany, who collaborates with us in the realization of the event.

Our next event will be held on Wednesday 16th of March, once more at FabLab, located in via Panciatichi 14. The event is free and open to everyone, and our team is delighted to invite all those who are already familiar with the environment and also those who are simply curious to participate.
Starting time: 7pm!

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