Nephila @ tech conferenceS | Comemotion and WUD

Right after Web Summit, Emanuela flew to Italy to take part in Codemotion Milan conference together with Iacopo and Anna Makarudze. The event took place November 8th-11th at BASE, a very particular area located in Milan in Tortona district.

Insiders refer to Codemotion as the most important tech conference for developers. Born in 2007 in Rome as Javaday, it constantly grew and now it connects IT professionals, tech communities, and IT companies. Because of the huge success of the Italian events, organizers decided to export the initiative and these days it’s present in Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin and other European cities. Codemotion Milan 2017 scored another important record: for the first time in history, in fact, the conference was completely sold out! Emanuela and Iacopo were at their third attendance and they were astonished for the amount of people that were moving from room to room following the pace of talks.

While at the conference the attendees had the opportunity to learn the latest tech information and connect with a variety of companies and communities.The conference included two days of workshops and 100 amazing speakers.

Emanuela and Anna Makarudze at Codemotion Milan

Codemotion supported Django Girls Italy since the start and, like as it happened for Milan 2016 and Rome 2017 editions, the organizers invited Iacopo and Emanuela to attend the conference on behalf of the Italian community. They had a booth in the communities exhibition area where they could promote and explain the Django Girls mission and workshops to all the people who stopped by to learn more about project. At the conference Iacopo and Emanuela explained the organization and the Django Girls community activities throughout Italy. Codemotion also invited Anna Makarudze who was representing the  Django Girls Foundation, the nonprofit organization based in London that coordinates the various local groups and manages the project. Anna took part in the conference with  a talk, “Django Girls: Inspiring women to code”, and promoted the international Django Girls project.

Anat Katz-Arotcha at World Usability Day

World Usability Day (WUD) 2017

Last but not least Simone, our web designer, went to World Usability Day conference, which took place in Rome November 8th-9th.

Two intense days that featured on stage 20+ speakers from all over the world and attracted more than 300 people: CEOs, designers, developers and digital communication professionists attending the conference to focus on inclusion through user experience. The speakers carried the theme of usability ranging from everyday life to the web. For instance Anat Katz-Arotcha, CEO of Standpoint, spoke about gender inclusivity in product creation, while Giacomo Mason, manager of Intranet Management, told the audience about how to create inclusive design for employees.

Emmanuel Servin at World Usability Day

Simone enjoyed how they gave examples of their personal experiences and stories. Among the many interesting talks Simone highlighted the case study brought by the project manager of UN World Food Program, Emmanuel Servin, who explained how they introduced in Lebanon the e-card system to help Syrian refugees. Simone explained the most valuable thing he learned was also how important inclusion is in order to develop a good product. Additionally how crucial inclusion is while keeping gender in mind.
World usability Day was also the perfect occasion to make networking activity and to get in touch with other web developers and students.

Future conferences

Here at Nephila we will continue attending conferences. It is such an awesome way to network and learn at the same time. We are excited to attend more conferences in the future and continue learning!