Nephila digital

Nephila goes Digital

Those who have already visited our website or current followers may have noticed something different: yes, we have changed our domain. Starting 1st April, Nephila is Digital!

Why did we do it?   

We are a company with two hearts; one bound to local area and an international one. These are two areas that are equally important to us and we intend to expand in both directions. We chose to use national domains in 2014 as we were a primarily local company then. Since we are a company with three different offices, including as of 2014 and 2015 our London and Swiss offices, we wanted to expand our international recognition to more than just Europe.

Ever since we opened an office in Switzerland, we have gained important customers such as Spital Limmattal, Marionnaud, Rahn Group, and gained more credibility to then start new projects with big Italian customers such as De Agostini Scuola and the Digital Team of the Italian government. We were, and still are, a very fast growing company, so therefore we felt the national domains were a “dress” that became too tight for us and that we needed a new one, which could represent our desire for growing. So we came together as a community to create a new address and join together all our websites.

We have decided to change our domain because we want to show not only to our valued Italian and foreign partners, but to our customers that Nephila is a unique company with local roots and foreign branches; we are just as committed to our local community as we are to the expansion of our community abroad, and will continue to network with those around the world. United, inclusive and always open to new ideas, the staff of Nephila are curious people who are able to relate to different environments and always evolving.