Desktop Gym

Desktop Gym

Desktop exercise video application

The yoga teacher Dennis Clark cares greatly about the physical and mental wellbeing of others, which is why she contacted us to create a fitness app for happier companies and less stressed workers! The application was created to be licenced to large companies for use by their employees.

Desktop Gym is a desktop application that displays exercise videos to users that can be performed sitting down from the comfort of one’s desk. Videos are selected based on preferences, grouped by category and managed by the application administrator via a web-based dashboard.

Everything was ready, the brand identity, the exercise videos - she only needed some development gurus to bring her idea to life. And that’s where we entered the picture. We created the desktop application using Electron and React, while for the API server we used good old Django. We also oversaw the UX and UI analysis to create simple navigation paths, making it child’s play for even the most stubborn technophobes!

Now that it had been developed, it was necessary to advertise the application to the world. Nothing could have been simpler for a digital-first team like ours. We also created a website with Django and Wagtail CMS.

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