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The firm Eclisse is highly specialized in the design of frames for sliding doors, and was founded in 1989 in Pieve di Soligo, a small town in the Veneto. Since its foundation, the firm has destined great part of its resources to the research of forefront industrial plants.  This fact allowed the Veneto company to enter the highly competitive real estate market. Not only Italy: in addition to more than 30 representation agencies and 2000 distributors the national territory, today its network includes 9 subsidiaries worldwide.  Among the most important countries in which Eclipse is present are the United Kingdom and France.
The company's strength consists in the technological level of its products. In fact, the client boasts more than 30 patents, between products and accessories. Furthermore, Eclisse pays a lot of attention to the issue of disability, therefore it has designed a collection for people with special needs. The firm doesn’t produce just frames for interiors: in addition to the wide range of articles for this type of sliding door, it also realizes structures for shutters and railings.

WHAT IS ECLISSE is the institutional website of the Veneto company. The website has a variety of information aimed at very different targets.


The product section groups all the collections launched by Eclisse from 1989 to today.
Each collection has a dedicated page, which describes their peculiarities and where, in most cases, users can watch an introductory video. Every collection offers different solutions: depending on the preferred model, it’s possible to get a structure for a single or a telescopic door.  Furthermore, many frames allow the placement of a lamp close to the door.  The detailed pages were created exactly in order to manage this complexity.  Users can browse the collection through the menu on the top of the page, composed of the name of the product and of a thumbnail. In the dedicated pages users can find information on the product’s features, technical specifications and accessories.

Sales network

The section “Sales network” is addressed to users who wish to buy or learn more about Elisse’s products. Inside the page, users can learn more on retailers, agents and showrooms exhibiting the frames of the Veneto-based company. It must be said, though, that this page only covers the Italian sales network, while to visit other states’ websites it is necessary to select the corresponding language in the menu in the footer.
The page contains a real search engine. To find the closest showrooms and to obtain the contacts of Eclisse’s agents, users will just need to fill-in the voices in the drop-down menu and click “Search”. Whenever a showroom is present in the selected province, users will see both contacts and map.  Selecting “Details”, below the seller’s contact, users will be redirected to the detailed page, where they can learn more on the business owner.


The Support section is wide and offers help to very different audiences, ranging from buyers to builders. Specific pages have been designed for every type of user.  FAQ, glossary and technical support.
The FAQ page covers the most frequent questions on Eclisse’s products, it tries to answer user’s frequently asked questions, especially the ones made by new users. The Technical support section looks at a more specific target, this is the staff in charge of assembling the frames, and wants to provide solutions to the possible difficulties that could arise during the assembly operation. The page offers information on the installation of every single product and accessory. Finally, the Glossary contains a brief explanation of the technical terms used in the website.


The blog was designed to help clients choose the frame that better suits their needs and also to keep all users and professionals in the industry updated. It does so by showing visitors, also with the aid of articles, practical applications of Eclisse’s products. Every day a post describes the criticalities of some houses and the solutions adopted by the technical staff to install the frames.


In the contact page users will find the address of the Veneto company and the numbers of Eclisse’s different offices. Furthermore, visitors can directly contact the firm in this section by filling-in the form


Nephila has had a longstanding relationship with Eclisse. Over the years Nephila provided different services to the client, ranging from web marketing planning, to graphic design and content editing. 

Article marketing

An activity that can be compared to the one of the press office that Nephila has been conducting for some time is article marketing. In fact, Melissa wrote the articles on the new products launched by Eclisse and and had them published on architecture and interior design websites.  This service belongs to the SEO sphere, in what these articles use precise keywords in order to guarantee a good positioning of the items in the search engines. Therefore, before drafting the articles, a preliminary phase was dedicated to keyword analysis, followed by a constant supervision of the traffic.


Nephila also took care of the website restyling, starting from the logic behind the web pages, realized in collaboration with the client. The company wanted to find a solution that could do also for subsidiaries. We have satisfied this request designing a project divided in two phases, a first step involved structuring the website in Italian, which was meant to be the compass for foreign enterprises, and a second step destined to the design of the subsidiaries’ websites.
Considered the amount of information that had to be managed, a series of preliminary meetings had been arranged in order to define’s communication strategy and, more in general, to outline the set of services needed by the company. The first step consisted in hosting the marketing department of the Veneto company in Florence for a two-day study session during which we identified the main objectives of the website, the best browsing routes, the ideal structure of the more important pages and of the product specification sheets. The collaboration addressed at establishing the structure of the website eventually continued with a series of meetings at the client’s office.

Menu and browsing

The first step of the restyling process of was reorganizing the browsing routes. Before the redesign, due to the large quantity of information, the webpages appeared chaotic and over-filled with information. 
In consideration of the variety of users that refer to the website, the browsing routes were organized with three different targets in mind: builders, architects and generic visitors. After establishing this first distinction, we moved on to the contents. The themes of the website have been categorized in interest areas, always in consideration of the different targets identified in the previous step, and have been eventually organized in a navigation tree that respects the rules dictated by web design and by UX.  The result is a clean first level menu, consisting in five voices: products, sales, support, contacts and blog.


The homepage reorganization represented a critical point during the website restyling. The objective was to create, from a graphical and a UX point of view, a clean structure, without losing the complexity of the pageat the informative level. The homepage is addressed to three different targets at the same time, proposing specific focuses for each group of users. Finally, the page’s structure had to respect the strategic objective, which is to create interest in Eclisse’s products. The client asked to display the products in the homepage’s top screen.  In particular, the client required to add a direct access to the Synthesis pages, which is the strength of the firm, and to  Shodo, latest creation of the Veneto enterprise.  The first contents seen by users in the website are the company’s history and identity.
The solution proposed by Nephila was to add, in the top part of the page, a photo-gallery with a claim and a call to action for each photograph. This way users can, clicking on the buttons on the images, go to the desired page without having to use the menu. The sections below have been divided in areas of interest. The first section is dedicated to technical issues and provides access to tools such as easy search, which illustrates the characteristics of the products in detail. Instead, the second section deals with aesthetic issues. While the section dedicated to architectural planning and containing useful resources for interior designers, can be found at the bottom of the page. Furthermore, the sales network section can be accessed directly from the homepage. 

Design and UX

From a graphical point of view, we opted for a layout that mirrors the style of Eclisse’s brochure and catalogues. In the proposed draft, white is presented as the protagonist.  White outlines the different sections of the web pages, infusing light to the website and conferring communicative strength to the different sections. Furthermore, the linearity of the graphic structure recalls the frames realized by the client and, more in general, sliding doors. Like these fixtures, the website’s sections are clean, clear and functional.
The colour palette is essential and, in addition to white, it also includes the blue and yellow shades of the company. Blue, in particular, is used for the call to action buttons and for the footer, while yellow was chosen to define the horizontal lines, like the ones in the homepage that direct to the sales network.

Product pages

It the former website every product page was a world of its own, which contained all the information on the item, from its features to its patents. For the website re-design it was decided to organize the information in a different way, separating the customer support contents from the actual product page.
In consideration of the complexity of Eclisse’s products, it was proposed to create specific pages for every collection, containing a brief overview, and other more detailed pages describing the peculiar features of each article.  A lot was done on these pages. Every detailed page allows the access to the configuration tool addressed to professionals and to the support section.  Moreover, pages are structured in three different sheets: “features”, “things to know” and “accessories”. In the first section there is a short description of the item and also suggestions relative to similar products. "What you need to know", instead, contains videos related to technical issues. Our team was responsible for the management of video implementation inside of our CMS. The third section, "Accessories" provides users with an overview of all the auxiliary products that complement Eclipse’s doors.


Nephila’s marketing department dealt with the entire website optimization, starting from the analysis of the keywords and of the company’s competitors. Since this is a very competitive and specific market, this specific task required a lot of reviewing, which saw the active participation of the client. The most critical factor was the fact that some competitors had assured themselves the use of the common words of the industry and therefore it wasn’t possible to use them for the optimization of the web pages, nor for any PPC campaign. The keyword search was conducted also in French and Polish, and it’s destined to the subsidiaries based respectively in Quimper and Lubiszewo Tczewskie.
This phase was followed by a second step dedicated to supporting the client through Skype calls. The goal was to provide the client with all the necessary tools to independently manage the optimization aspects. Upon client’s request, we also created a SEO guide in English specifically for Eclisse’s subsidiaries. Currently, we constantly monitor website traffic and provide in-depth analysis on a regular basis.

Landing page

Restyling such a complex website required a rather long period of time. The Florence meeting took place in a particular moment: Eclisse’s marketing department was, in fact, preparing an advertisement campaign on the latest product, the Shodo counter-frame, and the company wanted to promote it on different channels. Therefore, during the meeting we were entrusted with the task of building a landing page with the agreed graphic features. Shodo’s landing page was structured as an A B testing to analyze user behavior. The objective was to test the dynamics of the web in order to structure the website (as well as the product advertising campaign). Nephila took care of the data collection and provided the client with a thorough analysis.