Online shop with a sophisticated quotation flow

Federica, Stefano and Carolina Artuffo are the fourth generation of a family at the helm of a historic printing business. They were tasked with guiding the company towards new digital opportunities – which is how we crossed paths.

They came to us with a very specific idea: to create an online shop for the sale of personalised adhesive labels with a very innovative business model. This challenge brought about Labelado, an online shop with a very sophisticated quotation flow which can interpret both the project, even the most complex details, as well as creative product customisation requests. A task accomplished by virtue of complex alignments with external services that we were able to finalise thanks to the stability of the technologies we use: Python, Django and django CMS.

We also oversaw Labelado’s brand identity creation, content and SEO strategy and the copy for the first release of the site, both for the CMS pages and of the smaller texts that bestow character to all the interfaces.

CMS Website
SEO & Content
UI/UX Design


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