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Software Analyst / Developer


Since our Django and Python development and consultancy services are highly required, we’re now looking for an additional Software Analyst / Developer to join us. You will be part of a 10-person multidisciplinary and cohesive team operating on multiple projects, and you will bring them your quality culture, your experience in Python development and architectures, and your attitude to detect and integrate innovation in our technological solutions.

You will be involved in some of the team challenges that will put your skills at test.

One such challenge involves extending and improving a grants and scholarships management platform for university students, a long term project with the public administration. You will be on the front line, together with our developers and our functional analyst, to maintain and improve the platform we took over one year ago, including adding new features or regulatory updates, with a strong focus on refactoring,  architecture evolution, performance assessment and improvement, within a complex environment.

Another challenge is extending and improving a web platform for teachers and students. This is another long-term project for one of the largest school publishers in Italy. As part of the design and product teams, you'll collaborate both with your teammates at Nephila and the client's digital and editorial staff. As a go-between for the developers and the users, you will focus on analysing, proposing, reviewing and testing solutions for databases and APIs to provide data to frontend developers and other services, working in an ecosystem of services managed by different vendors and providers. This is an opportunity to develop innovative solutions and features that will make a real difference in the education sector.

There are some other things you will do:

  • work with PM, PO, teammates and partners to assess the scope of a project, specify the users' needs to the developers, and establish solutions and software architectures;
  • review and fine tune the software requirements and specifications, contribute to the definition of the product, its stack, features, user facing behaviour;
  • develop prototypes or proof of concepts, built to show and test the crucial aspects of solutions and software architectures;
  • review and monitor the code quality, identifying safety, performance, and compliance issues, proactively working to address them;
  • support teammates implementing solutions, refactoring and improving existing code keeping it on track with framework and techniques evolutions;
  • help keep internal documentation updated to help us become a better, more effective organisation;
  • guide and mentor fellow Python developers, both members of the internal Nephila team, as well as clients;
  • contribute to technological choices, and to the design or the improvements, of the system architecture of the projects you will work on;
  • invest time and effort to stay current with technological and methodological innovations, and you will collaborate with our CTO in defining and planning the team training and knowledge improvements.

Our culture and inspirations
We are opensource oriented, human-centered and with an agile mindset. We are proud Django and Python contributors, and we actively support diversity and inclusion in our communities. Even better, we are always eager to welcome teammates who are also community people, conference attendees and speakers. We are proudly oriented to pursuing and hiring a diverse workforce, and we celebrate our differences because we believe they will led us to be more innovative and to make even better products.

A collage of pictures showing the Nephila team in the office during team building moments, at events and conferences.

Our working environment
We are a small, nimble and remote first company based in Firenze, Italy. We are life-long learners, and each of us cares to grow and support each other as much as they care to grow the whole organization. We are problem solvers. We support long-lasting and evolutionary solutions for digital ecosystems through digital innovation. We think, create, and help integrating technological solutions and digital processes in our clients’ organisations.

Our technological stack
As a company with a strong technological mindset, we like to keep our daily tools at hand, and keep on-premise services for whatever we can handle ourselves. We strongly believe that untested code is a broken code, and we try to automate whatever we can. Our CI/CD infrastructure is there to catch errors and help us deploy our code quickly and effectively. Our focus is on developing web applications with Python, and our stack is based on Django, Django REST Framework, django CMS and async frameworks like FastAPI. We mostly use PostgreSQL, but we happen to interact with Oracle or MariaDB too. Outside the relational world, we work with different systems like ElasticSearch, Redis, MongoDB, and any other service that might be needed to fulfill the client requirements. When it comes to the infrastructure, we have a broad range of deployment scenarios, from plain server to managed Kubernetes clusters.

One more thing
Even it may seem like we’re looking for a specific candidate, the role ends up tailored to the person who applies and joins. And, several research works show that candidates from underrepresented backgrounds often don't apply for roles if they don't meet all the requirements.

You can check our main criteria below and, regardless of how well you feel to fit our description, we encourage you to apply if you're interested. We'd love to know how you can amplify our team with your unique experience!

About you

You love building complex products with Python, things fast matched with robustness, and you are always mindful to avoid technical debt and waste. You enjoy analysing innovative trends and getting deeper with the implementation details. You value collaboration as much as coding, and you welcome feedbacks as an opportunity to sharpen your skills.

  • You have at least 5 years of experience working in web development;
  • You have experience working with 3rd party APIs and libraries;
  • You have a good grasp of Python and experience with working with Django or FastAPI;
  • While not a specialist, you have a good grasp of the infrastructure/operations side of developing web applications, and can assist operations specialists in designing/maintaining the infrastructure;
  • You have a good knowledge of Docker and you have familiarity with deploying it in the cloud;
  • You have experience designing software architectures and modelling data;
  • You have demonstrable knowledge of design patterns and best practices in software development;
  • You have knowledge of continuous integration methodologies and automated deployment;
  • You have experience in an agile development methodology such as Scrum;
  • You are able to manage, plan and take responsibility for a range of tasks involving interaction with other developers, business analysts or users;
  • You are able to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical colleagues at all levels in both verbal and written communications;
  • You are a team player, and know how to balance different demands within your group and towards other people.

The Whole Package

Location: Remote
Our headquarters are in Firenze, Italy, but our flexible, distributed environment lets us work easily with remote people.

Languages: Italian, English
While our technical team members are comfortable with English, some proficency in Italian is a requirement, as it is the shared language within Nephila and with Italian clients and partners.

Nephila offers:

  • 55K - 60K Euro RAL (Gross Annual Income);
  • annual learning budget for courses, conferences, and more—for you own interests;
  • personal learning plan with dedicated annual budget and a growth path built together, to match your growth aligned with Nephila evolution;
  • access to public events and internal events or workshops organized by Nephila;
  • laptop and tools for your daily work;
  • personal presence in our Italian headquarters in Firenze can be occasionally required; accomodation and transport expenses are covered for non commuters;
  • job agreements and healthcare are provided as per the Italian "CCNL Commercio" law, unless other agreements can be considered in reason of specific requirements or conditions.

You can send us your CV to jobs@nephila.digital. If reasonable accommodations are needed to participate in the job application or interview process, please contact us at the same email address.