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"Real time applications with Django", Iacopo's talk at DjangoCon Europe

Django and real time applications

Channels allows you to reduce complexity, learn more

The web is filled up by real time applications, which are increasingly complex and require different tools to be developed.  Let’s build one of these app with Channels, a Django framework that allows to go beyond http request-response mechanism.

Html code

django CMS 3.1 has been released!

django CMS application is constantly upgraded by the community with the support of core developers and the technical board. 3.1 version has been another step forward, and our efforts aimed at make the CMS even more stable and easier to work with, and we strongly believe they payed off.

Opera Voice for Pinocchio musical

Opera Voice project: new developments

We've been the technological partner with Opera Voice since the inception. It's a multilingual complete titling service which aims to engage an international audience coming from different countries. Rancia acting company was the first to adopt Opera Voice service. The Opera Voice titling system will also be seen included in PINOCCHIO –  The Great Musical encores.


Light tracks

Measuring frontend performance

Every time I write a new feature which involves javscript or massive css code, I need to check how much that piece of code impacts performances. 

While I was searching for a tool which could retrieve some information about page load timings, I found the great phantomas. This tools is able to collect a huge amount of data regarding a specific URL. Bingo!