Web users psychology

User psychology: how do people approach Search engines?

This post focuses on someone who has been forgotten for too long in the internet logic:the user. If you want to grow your business you have to look carefully on SEO evolution and users behaviour. Ask yourself: how long are people willing to search for something online before giving up? Do they just scroll through the first Google results or do they perform another internet search if not satisfied? Do keywords play an important role in queries formulation process?

Light tracks

Measuring frontend performance

Every time I write a new feature which involves javscript or massive css code, I need to check how much that piece of code impacts performances. 

While I was searching for a tool which could retrieve some information about page load timings, I found the great phantomas. This tools is able to collect a huge amount of data regarding a specific URL. Bingo!

Django weekend Nephila

Nephila at Django Weekend

Though we are an Italian open source-based software company, and we love our country, we are starting moving to UK. We work with Django and django CMS basically, so attending and sponsoring Djangoweekend, the UK Django conference which will be held in Cardiff from the 7th to the 9th February, 2014,  is the occasion to introduce ourselves to the British open source community, and to develop a new network of contacts.